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24/04/2017 - New - 25/04/2017

Parish Pastoraal Council

Urney and Castlefinn Parish celebrated the close of the Year of Mercy with a Pilgrimage,
organised by the Parish Pastoral Council,  to St. Brigid’s Well,
Drumdoit, Castlefinn, on Saturday 19th November.
Derry Visit, on Sunday 19th June 2016
Pilgrimage to Lough Derg 10th September 2016
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24/04/2017 ***New*** CHURCH RENOVATIONS
25/04/2017 ***New*** Our Visit to St. Brigit's Well - - - -



We will have the pictures of that on this page soon, they need resizing

Also a report on the
Church of St. Columba, Doneyloop, closed for a six week period, in early September

Plus pictures

Report on St. Brigid's Night Cross Making, 1st Feb. 2017

Plus pictures

Thank you to Emby O’Donnell for the text and pictures